Hydroseeding / green spray grass is not just about putting water, seed, mulch and fertilizer in a tank and spraying the solution on the ground and that’s it. With Mother Nature and poor quality soils, it is more complicated than that.


The secret for a successful hydroseeding is also the soil, its preparation, the choice of grass seed, the machinery used and the right elements to bring to the solution to provide the new turf and ground all the essential elements for its proper growth.

The right choice of topsoil for the soil that is in place. 

 Structure de terre de qualité

It is often necessary to almond the soil has a good result in the long term. It is essential to know the soil in place with which one works.

An example does not add a new sandy soil on a soil that is already very sandy, such as not adding new clay soil to a soil that is already very clay, etc. That’s why we need to know our soil in place.


Our technician can guide you when estimating the right choice of land.

Once the land enters the site, it is important when the topsoil is not to be compacted with heavy machinery. For the new turf to grow well.  It is important that the soil has air, light and water.

The mulch (wood/ straw/paper) we use for different soil types is used to retain moisture and protect seeds during germination from runoff and soil erosion.

We offer hydroseeding service for all types of the ground whether on slopes, small, flat or large surface.


The addition of oxygenated compost tea, soil activator, Solu-Lime and other amendments allow to have a solution rich in nutrients and correct the deficiencies on the ground in place.

The rate of the application and the type of seed vary from one project to another because each field is different.

When a soil assessment is done before hydroseeding, it is possible to make a better choice for the site conditions giving this method a greener, healthier and more sustainable lawn than any other laying sod way.


We will make the right choice of seeds that will be more resistant to external problems because we choose grasses according to the condition of the soil. The placement of roots is inked deeper into the land and thus avoids the shock of being transplanted into foreign soils compared to laying sod.


Erosion control is one reason for using hydroseeding because this type of seeding maintains moisture and protection against erosion.

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