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Excellence in Landscaping in Quebec and Ontario

Your Certified Expert for a Sustainable and Personalized Garden

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we combine art and expertise to transform your outdoor space into a haven for living. APPQ certified«Quebec Association of Landscape Professionals»and LOHTA «Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association», we ensure that your landscaping meets the highest standards.

Our services :

Custom Design : Srong designs that reflect your unique style
Professional installation : Impeccable execution from start to finish.
Ecological maintenance : For a beautiful, healthy garden year after year.

Why choose Hortiplan Outaouais?

Over 38 years of expertise: Innovators in landscaping trends.
Ecological commitment: Practices that respect and enrich your garden.
Customer satisfaction: Close collaboration to exceed your expectations.

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Ontario Certified Landscape AssociationCanadian Nursery Landscape Association

Rental of Specialized Excavators for Excavation and Landscaping

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we’re proud of our specialized excavator, perfectly suited to all your excavation and landscaping needs. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, no project is impossible.

Our Specialized Equipment: A Major Asset

Our tracked loader, with its wide range of attachments, is the ideal tool for a multitude of jobs. It digs, levels and moves material with unrivalled efficiency and precision. This equipment is indispensable for :

  • Landscaping and Patio stones interlock :Create aesthetic and functional outdoor spaces.
  • Borders, Walls and Entrances : Add an elegant finishing touch to your landscaping.
  • Terraces & Earthworks : Designing charming, welcoming places to relax.
  • Excavation and Site Levelling : Optimum preparation of your site.
  • Seeding and laying sod : Creating lush, hardy lawns.
  • Planting Flowers, Trees and Shrubs : Beautify your space with a touch of nature.
  • Lighting and Irrigation Systems : Add functionality and beauty to your garden.

Why choose Hortiplan Outaouais?

  • Advanced technology : Our excavators are equipped to meet all landscaping challenges.
  • Flexibility and adaptability : We offer customized solutions for every project.
  • Professional expertise : Our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you in your choice of equipment.
Chargeur spécialisé d'Hortiplan sur chenille et ses multiples accessoires, Ditch Witch pour aménagement paysager

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