Diagnostique et test de sol

Soil diagnosis

There is no life without soil and no ground without life

Soil diagnosis

The soil test | Analysis of soil gives the soil composition and allows us to know the content of nutrients available. They also allow us to identify the composition of the soil (clay, sand, etc.)

Analysis of soil is important for understanding soil characteristics. To have a good result, we must know the ground with which we work in landscaping.

Field Analysis

The analysis of the ground will allow us to identify the problems, its use and to know the conditions of the site such as the degree of sunshine, the type of soil, slope of the ground, etc. This allows us to know if the soil needs corrections for lawn growth. Before planting the lawn or plants, it is important to ensure that the soil in place is of good quality.

The Secret of Success

Soil testing and soil analysis, as well as field analysis, are the best ways to know what soil contains and does not contain. If any of these elements are missing, we can easily fix it before laying your grass. You will get a lawn healthy, resistant, which means less work and less long-term costs. We are working with you to find a solution and a maintenance plan for the coming years.

L'usage du pH-mètre pour vérifier l'acidité du sol favorise une croissance optimale et un gazon luxuriant, clé en jardinage écologique.

Green grass is possible

What can I do to have a better result with this fertilization program this year?

  • Know your soil.
  • Soil testing will provide better results by correcting problems before fertilizing.
  • Diagnose the lawn when the situation changes during the season and put in place the appropriate solutions.

Let’s work together on a green lawn and in an ecological way.

A form of free diagnosis (for a limited time).