Landscape maintenance

Landscape maintenance

«The key to success» for an ecologically green lawn
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Personalized Landscape Maintenance

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we specialize in creating landscaping maintenance programs tailored to the specific needs of your garden. We start with a thorough analysis of your green space to diagnose and treat problems at their source. This approach avoids wasting resources and ensures sustainable management of your landscape.

Personalized care of your garden is essential for its durability and vitality. We pay particular attention to every aspect of your outdoor space, from lawns to plants, selecting the right nutrients for the unique needs of your environment.

Our approach integrates diagnosis, evaluation, correction and improvement of all types of horticultural problems, always with respect for the environment. By using environmentally-friendly products and techniques, we aim for long-term, sustainable results. Rely on Hortiplan Outaouais for a landscape maintenance program that ensures not only the health of your garden, but also its year-round splendor.

Ecological landscaping

The Key to Sustainable, Eco-friendly Resultswhichis good for your family, good for the planet.

At Hortiplan, we’re convinced that an ecological approach is essential for sustainable, harmonious landscaping. Certified in ecological maintenance and landscaping in Quebec and Ontario, we apply environmentally-friendly methods in all our services.

Our boiling water weed control service is a perfect example, offering an ecological and effective alternative to traditional pesticides. What’s more, our unique fertilization program with ECOTHÉ nourishes the soil, promoting rich microbial life and healthy vegetation growth.

We also take an innovative approach to seeding, choosing certified grasses that promote biodiversity. Our Slit-seeding method guarantees 100% efficiency for optimum seed placement. What’s more, our hydroseeding technique is distinguished by the use of Biotic Earth bio-organic cellulose, superior to conventional solutions.

We don’t stop there: our automatic watering systems are custom-designed to adapt to the specific structure of each soil, ensuring efficient and responsible irrigation.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to ecology. Every product and method we use at Hortiplan is chosen for its positive impact on the environment, ensuring our customers long-lasting results and a garden vibrant with health and beauty.

Give your lawn a long life

These 4 steps will keep your lawn healthy

Soil aeration

Discover our mechanical soil aeration service, essential for the healthy growth of your green spaces. Our coring technique allows better circulation of air, water and nutrients to the roots, ensuring optimum health of your lawn and plant. Thanks to our advanced deep aeration method, we prevent soil compaction and stimulate root growth.

Slit Seeding / Slot seeding

Optez pour notre service de Slit Seeding chez Hortiplan Outaouais pour transformer votre pelouse existante en un tapis vert dense et sain. Our slitseeding technique effectively integrates diversified grasses, creating a biodiversity that protects against insects and disease. Benefit from a lawn that’s aesthetically superb, naturally hard-wearing and capable of overcoming environmental challenges. Hortiplan Outaouais, your choice for a lush, long-lasting lawn.

Topdressing with compost

Soil revitalization, for rich, fertile soil. Our compost topdressing service is specially designed to enhance fertility and improve soil structure naturally. This advanced technique enriches the soil with nutrients, optimizes its porosity and water retention capacity, while naturally controlling weeds. Ideal for gardens and lawns, this ecological method promotes vigorous, healthy vegetation growth, guaranteeing a lush, long-lasting green space.

Annual fertilization program

Discover our eco-friendly Annual Fertilization Program, customized to the unique needs of each lawn. Discover our eco-friendly Annual Fertilization Program, customized to the unique needs of each lawn. This tailor-made approach guarantees optimal growth and a lush lawn. We carefully assess each situation to deliver the best result, ensuring lasting health and beauty for your green space.