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La clé pour un sol en santé

The key to healthy soilThe key to Hydroseeding Revolutionnaire in Gatineau/Ottawa by Hortiplan: Perfect lawnsHealthy soil

Advanced hydroseeding technology from Hortiplan: Transform your lawn into a green carpet with our hydroseeding process, a more economical and effective solution than traditional turf. Our revolutionary process combines high-quality seeds, water, fertilizer, biostimulants and cellulose mulch that are sprayed under high pressure to create a dense, healthy lawn. Our organic binding agent allows the seeds to adhere perfectly to the soil, promoting rapid, uniform growth.

Processus d'hydroseeding par Hortiplan : terrain préparé et terre nu à gauche, résultat post-hydroseeding avec couverture de semences teintée de vert à droite, illustrant la méthode efficace pour une pelouse luxuriante en région de Gatineau/Ottawa

Multiple advantages of Hortiplan hydroseeding:

  • Cost-effectiveness and rapid growth: Get a lush lawn for less.
  • Deep Rootedness and Uniformity: Guarantee robust root development and dense turf.
  • Versatility and moisture retention: Ideal for all types of terrain, including slopes and difficult areas.
  • Custom Fertilization: Mixture of fertilizers and biostimulants adapted to the needs of your soil at Gatineau/Ottawa.

Personalized advice for optimal results:

Our experts analyze your soil conditions to determine the most appropriate seed mix, mulch type and amendments. We work with you to select the ideal seeds for your specific soil conditions, ensuring uniform coverage and rapid germination.

For quality hydroseeding, trust Hortiplan: Discover our innovative methods such as hydrofoaming and hydroseeding for a variety of projects, from lawn repair to complete landscaping. These techniques are also beneficial in preventing erosion and improving soil health.

In short, hydroseeding by Hortiplan Outaouais is your solution for a dense, green and healthy lawn that respects the environment. Visit our blog section to learn more or contact us for a personalized quote.

Hortiplan Outaouais: Your #1 choice in hydroseeding for a sublime garden

Hydroseeding with quality cellulose from Hortiplan in Gatineau/Ottawa

Discover the range of cellulose mulches from Hortiplan, your partner of choice for effective, long-lasting hydroseeding. We’ll work with you to select the ideal seed and mulch for your site, ensuring a strong, uniform lawn.

The critical role of cellulose mulch in hydroseeding:

  • Seeds Membership: Our mulch keeps seeds in close contact with the soil, which is essential for healthy germination.
  • Optimal hydration: Cellulose captures and redistributes moisture, which is essential for rapid seed germination.
  • Erosion Control: The cellulose blanket acts as a shield against erosion and protects your soil during sod installation.

Why choose Hortiplan for hydroseeding?

We offer a customized solution that meets the unique conditions of the Gatineau/Ottawa area. Our hydroseeding process uses the highest quality materials, including various types of cellulose – paper, wood, straw and organic Verdyol Biotic Earth Black – to ensure rapid, long-lasting growth of your lawn.

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we use Verdyol Biotic Earth Black, a revolutionary biotic soil medium, for our hydroseeding service. This rich solution actively promotes vegetation establishment and soil regeneration in Gatineau/Ottawa. Designed to improve soil health, Biotic Earth is a biotic soil amendment that uses natural ingredients with beneficial microorganisms and agronomic additives to improve soil structure and promote healthy vegetation growth. The product is designed to be an ecological and cost-effective alternative to traditional topsoil or compost imports, focusing on building soil from the bottom up.


Cellulose de papiersPaper cellulose,
Cellulose de boisWood cellulose,

Cellulose de paillesStraw cellulose

Échantillon de Biotic Earth Black, un amendement de cellulose de sol biotique noir riche en nutriments, encerclé de vert, pour l'hydro-ensemencementBiotic Earth cellulose


Action d'ensemencement hydraulique créant une pelouse verdoyante et dense, technique pour un gazon parfait, bouillis verte.

Fast, effective results that reduce long-term costs while respecting the environment. Our sustainable approach to erosion control and sustainable landscaping guarantees impressive results for your lawn, with a professional application that respects the ecosystem.

For a successful landscaping project, Hortiplan Outaouais will analyze your land to decide which product is best suited to your specific needs in the Gatineau/Ottawa region, taking into account the soil types to be worked, the environmental conditions and the specific objectives of your hydroseeding project.


For successful hydroseeding, is Hortiplan!

See the hydroseeding blog section for more info.

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