Structure et conditionnement du sol


The key to healthy soil

hydro grass / spray grass

Your lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood. Hortiplan offers hydroseeding, hydro grass, spray grass, hydroseed. All the methods that I have just enumerate it’s the same thing is a process whereby seeds, water, fertilizers, and mulch are mixed and applied under pressure on the perimeter of a site.

An amendment, conditioner or soil corrector can also be added, if needed. Green glue is added to this mixture to allow a better fixation of mulch and seeds on the ground. In one application, the soil is sown, fertilized and covered with mulch.

Take advantage of our expert advice and optimize your performance with the best materials in the industry. Analysis of the texture of the soil is important for best results. This step will allow us to determine the seed mix, the type of mulch and the best amendment for your soil types.


With you, we will make the right choice of seeds that will best adapt to the factors encountered on your land, unlike standard mixtures that do not always meet the requirements encountered.

Mulch serves a triple purpose:

  1. Keep seeds firmly in contact with the soil
  2. Capture and redistribute moisture to allow germination
  3. Limit erosion time seeds are developing

For a successful hydroseeding, it’s Hortiplan!

Cellulose de papiersA mulch of papers,
Cellulose de boiswood mulch,
Cellulose de paillesstraw much