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Irrigation landscaping and maintenance in Hull


Hortiplan Outaouais, landscaping and outdoor specialists, beautifies your green space with a complete range of services. We install automatic watering systems adapted to the composition of your soil, taking into account variations in sun exposure to ensure effective, customized irrigation.

Our team takes care of all aspects of landscaping, from planting trees and hedges to excavating and levelling the site, preparing the soil and installing efficient drainage systems. We also specialize in filling swimming pool holes and repairing coping stones.

For concrete or unistone landscaping, our qualified landscapers build paving stones, sidewalks and stairs, as well as sturdy retaining walls to secure your property. We pay particular attention to the design of patios, driveways and residential parking areas, combining functionality and aesthetics.

We offer customized driveways and walkways, as well as spa bases. For an impeccable lawn, we offer a hydroseeding service with quality peat moss and a customized irrigation system.

With our expertise in landscaping and irrigation solutions, Hortiplan Outaouais is the ideal partner for your custom outdoor landscaping projects. Call us today to bring your vision to life.


Give your garden the essential elements it needs to flourish!

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we’re committed to providing custom irrigation and landscape lighting solutions perfectly suited to every garden in Hull.

Before proceeding with any installation, we carry out a careful analysis of the basic needs of your lawn and plants in terms of air, water and light. This enables us to offer you optimal solutions, guaranteeing the health and beauty of your garden.

The irrigation systems we offer

  • Tailored to each garden : We take into account soil characteristics, light exposure and the specific requirements of your plants to ensure precise, efficient irrigation.
  • Various options available: We offer a variety of irrigation technologies, including drip and sprinkler systems, to suit your needs and budget.
  • Annual maintenance service: : We take care of the regular maintenance of your irrigation equipment to keep it running smoothly all year round. We also offer irrigation opening and closing services for our Hull customers.

Our lighting services for outdoor spaces:

  • Enhance the splendor of your garden: evoke a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere with bright, refined and discreet fittings.
  • A wide range of lighting options: Dfrom spotlights to solar lamps, we offer a variety of lighting solutions to suit all tastes and budgets. In Hull, entrust your outdoor space to the expertise of Hortiplan Outaouais and transform it into a true sanctuary of tranquility.


What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydroseeding, spray turf, liquid turf, pulverized turf, hydroseeded or hydroseeded lawn, is an innovative method that involves spraying a mixture of seed, fertilizer and cellulose fibers onto the soil to create a dense, uniform lawn in a very short space of time.

Opt for hydroseeding and get a dense, uniform and robust lawn in no time. It’s the most effective seeding solution for your land in Hull!

The Unmissable Advantages of Hydro-Seeding in Hull :

  1. Rapid growth: Hydroseeding promotes rapid growth of your lawn, offering visible results in a short time.
  2. Improved moisture retention: Thanks to its specific properties, hydroseeding helps the soil retain moisture, promoting better seed hydration and healthier growth.
  3. Optimum density: This technique produces a dense, uniform lawn without the drawbacks of traditional seeding methods.
  4. Increased durability : With hydroseeding, you benefit from a tough, long-lasting lawn that’s perfectly suited to Hull’s climatic and environmental conditions.
  5. Saving time and money: By delivering fast, long-lasting results, hydroseeding saves you money in the long term in terms of lawn maintenance and repair.

How much does hydroseeding cost in Hull?

The cost of hydroseeding depends on a number of factors, including the size of the site to be treated, seed selection and the complexity of the work required. Rates may vary according to these factors. Typical prices range from 1,50 $ et 3,00 $ per square metre. It’s important to note that precise estimates can be provided after a detailed project assessment, ensuring full transparency of the costs associated with hydroseeding. Investing in this technique often represents a guarantee of quality and durability for your lawn, offering superior results compared to traditional seeding methods.

Environmentally-friendly lawn care in Hull by Hortiplan Outaouais

At Hortiplan Outaouais, our commitment is to create a lush, sustainable lawn. As experts in ecological lawn care, we offer a complete range of services tailored to Hull residents who want to preserve the health and beauty of their lawns while respecting nature.

The services we offer include :

  • Soil aeration : Helps your lawn breathe optimally, stimulating healthy growth.
  • Slot seeding: A precise method for enriching your existing lawn.
  • Topdressing with compost: A Improves soil quality, promoting stronger turf.
  • Annual fertilization program: Provides essential nutrients to keep your lawn healthy all year round.
  • ECOTHÉ “Oxygenated compost tea”: Introduces beneficial organisms into the soil, promoting the vitality of your lawn.
  • Lawn renovation: An ecological method for completely transforming your green space.
  • Hot water weeding: An environmentally-friendly approach to eliminating weeds from your lawn.

Our professionals are masters of lawn care techniques, using environmentally-friendly methods to ensure the health and lushness of your lawn. We are renowned for our expertise in optimal seeding and lawn care, offering customized solutions at competitive rates.

Why choose Hortiplan Outaouais?

  • Free ecological lawn care.
  • Professionals specializing in environmentally-friendly green lawns at your disposal.
  • Professionals specializing in environmentally-friendly green lawns at your disposal.

With Hortiplan Outaouais, adopt an environmentally-friendly approach for a garden that’s both healthy and attractive. Contact us today to explore how we can revitalize your lawn and help promote a more sustainable environment in Hull.


Pierre Gagnon


We are delighted with Gilles’ work on our outdoor space. We are delighted with Gilles’ work on our outdoor space. He has transformed our garden into a true haven of peace. We thank him warmly for his excellent work.

Nathalie Dubois


Gilles was a great help in renovating our garden. His expertise and attention to detail were exemplary. He was able to meet our expectations while giving us sound advice on best practices. We are fully satisfied with the end results and highly recommend his services.

Marc Tremblay


Gilles is an outstanding professional. His attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are remarkable. He made our garden beautiful with his expertise and know-how. We are very grateful for his exceptional work.