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Irrigation landscaping and maintenance in Gatineau


Specializing inlandscaping and outdoor design, Hortiplan Outaouais enhances your green space. Our comprehensive services include the installation ofautomatic watering systems adapted to the structure of your soil, taking into account sunny or shady areas for efficient, personalized irrigation.

We take care of all aspects of landscaping, from tree and hedge planting to excavation and earthworks, not forgetting the soil preparation and digging required for an drainage system. Our expert teams also carry out pool hole filling and copingrepairs.

For concrete landscaping orpaver installation, trust our qualified landscapers. We build paving stones and sidewalks, as well as steps and staircases, not forgetting asolid retaining wall to secure your property. Your patio or residential driveway will be meticulously crafted, providing a dfunctional entrance , driveway and parking area that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

We also design custom driveways and walkways, as well as spa bases. For an impeccable lawn, opt for our hydroseeding service and benefit from quality peat moss and a customized irrigation system.

Hortiplan Outaouais’ expertise in landscaping and irrigation asolutions makes us the ideal partner to make your outdoor dreams come true Contact us to make your personalized project a reality.

Hortiplan Outaouais: Your expert in irrigation and landscape lighting in Gatineau

Give your garden the water and light it needs to flourish!

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we’re proud to offer customized irrigation and landscape lighting solutions for every garden in Gatineau.

Before any installation, we analyze the fundamental needs of your lawn and plants in terms of air, water and light, in order to offer you optimal solutions.

Our irrigation systems :

  • Designed for every green space: We take into account soil structure, light conditions and the specific needs of your plants to ensure precise, efficient irrigation.
  • Drip and sprinkler options: We offer a wide range of irrigation technologies to suit your needs and budget.
  • Annual maintenance: We provide annual maintenance for your irrigation systems to ensure they run smoothly all year round, and offer irrigation opening and closing services for Gatineau customers.

Our outdoor lighting service :

  • Enhance the beauty of your garden: Create a warm, safe atmosphere with elegant, discreet lighting installations.
  • Various lighting options: From spotlights to solar lamps, we offer lighting solutions for every style and budget.

Gatineau trust the expertise of Hortiplan Outaouais to transform your outdoor space into a true haven of peace.

Hydraulic seeding in Gatineau: Your solution for a dense, uniform lawn

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic seeding, spray turf, liquid turf, pulverized turf, hydroseeded or hydroseeded lawns, is an innovative technique that uses a mixture of seeds, fertilizers and cellulose fibers sprayed onto the ground to achieve a dense, uniform lawn in record time.

Get a dense, uniform, hard-wearing lawn in no time at all with hydroseeding, the most effective seeding solution for your Gatineau property!

Advantages of hydroseeding in Gatineau :

Dense, uniform turf: hydroseeding ensures better seed distribution, resulting in denser, more uniform turf.

Fast growth: The blend of fertilizer and cellulose fibers promotes rapid grass growth.

Increased resistance: hydroseeded turf is more resistant to disease, insects and weather.

Less maintenance: Hydroseeding requires less watering and fertilization than traditional seeding methods.

Ecological solution: hydroseeding reduces soil erosion and conserves water.

How much does hydroseeding cost in Gatineau?

The price of hydroseeding varies according to several factors, including the size of the plot, the type of seed and the complexity of the project. On average, you can expect to pay between $1.50 and $3.00 per square metre.

Hortiplan Outaouais ecological lawn care services for Gatineau

At Hortiplan Outaouais, we are dedicated to transforming your lawn into a healthy and sustainable green haven. Specialists in ecological lawn care, we offer a complete range of services designed for Gatineau residents who want to preserve the beauty and health of their lawns while respecting the environment.

Our services include :

  • Soil aeration: Allows your lawn to breathe, promoting healthy growth.
  • Silt Seeding : A precise technique for enriching your existing lawn.
  • Topdressing with Compost : Improves soil quality for a more vigorous lawn.
  • Annual Fertilization Program: Essential nutrients to keep your lawn in top shape all year round.
  • ECOTHÉ “Oxygenated Compost Tea”: Introduces beneficial life into the soil, boosting the health of your lawn.
  • Rénovation de Gazon : Pour une transformation complète et écologique de votre espace vert.
  • Hot water weeding : An ecological method for keeping your lawn weed-free.

Our experts have mastered the art and science of lawn care, using environmentally-friendly methods to ensure a lush, long-lasting lawn. We are renowned for our expertise in optimal seeding and lawn care, offering tailor-made solutions at competitive prices.

Choose Hortiplan Outaouais for :

  • An environmentally-friendly lawn care service.
  • Green and ecological turf experts at your service.
  • Customized treatments for a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors.

With Hortiplan Outaouais, commit to an ecological approach to healthy, aesthetically pleasing green space. Contact us dtoday to find out how we can revitalize your lawn and contribute to a greener future for Gatineau.


Sofia Guay


Services: Grassing, Lawn installation, Gardening

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value for money, Responsiveness

We hired Gilles to help us get our grounds back into shape. He was super professional, did a very rigorous and quality job. He made sure to restore everything to like-new condition, including the fence he had to dismantle for the project. He took the time to answer our questions and even lent us some equipment. I highly recommend Gilles and his team at Hortiplan Outaouais!

Nicole Rodier


Positive: Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, Value for money

The lawn replacement at my house has just been completed. Very professional work, honest team, punctual and respectful of the premises (everything is cleaned).
Very satisfied with the results and the prices are really competitive. Mr. Pelletier took the time to explain to me how to maintain the new lawn, and even phoned to make sure that the timer on the drainage system they installed had worked properly. They even used the leftover peat moss to repair a section of the backyard at no charge, thank you!!!!
Delighted to have done business with this company.

Emilie Labelle


Service : Sodding

Positive: Punctuality, Professionalism

We are completely satisfied with our service and even exceeded our expectations. Only the ground preparation is done and seeding takes place tomorrow, but I know I won’t be disappointed. Personalized service, with the owner himself on site, taking the time to explain and advise us. Thanks again for your great work at a competitive price.