Hot water thermal weed control


Control Weeds Without Pesticides.

Before soil preparation works, it is important to control weeds. Weeding before seed and turf are buying long-term peace. Our method of weeding with hot water allows to control and eradicate all weeds directly at the source, regardless of climatic conditions, which allows us to obtain a permanent result without any use of chemicals.

  • Hot water causes plant cells to burst and protein denaturation
  • The treatment is manifested by the blackening of the green parts of the plant
  • The biological activity is stopped and stop the pollination

The benefits of weeding with hot water

  • No use of pesticides.
  • Compares favorably with chemicals.
  • Safe and safe for the environment and the user.
  • Requires fewer applications than other methods of weeding.
  • Precise and effective, also it eliminates only the targeted weed, without touching the neighboring plants.

The ecological thermal weeder adapts to all possibilities:

  • Garage entrances.
  • Parking lots and paving stones.
  • Parks and playgrounds.
  • Landscaping, etc.