White grubs oh no!

White grubs oh no! It’s too early for you, we’re only on February 24th. Go back to sleep. See you soon. Yes, but our Doc of Lawn at Hortiplan is waiting for you with new surprises in the spring on your return. You will be surprised by an ecological threat that is waiting for you and that will make you leave for the big trip. Finish for you the roots and leaves on the menu.

Call us now to give your white grubs friends in your soil, the benefit of this treat for this great trip. Do not wait for the promotion of the big trip is over. Because it will be too late, and it will be your lawn that will enjoy the great trip.

A thick root system, strong, growing and with protection with armor against white grubs, the grass will not even notice that you are there wicked to white. Take advantage of this offer by filling out this free estimate form and you will be able to sleep safely and your lawn will stay healthy.


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