Success to a lawn succeeds

Proper soil preparation is essential to the success to a lawn succeeds. The success or failure of a lawn is related to how the soil and site were prepared before sowing or laying sod.

Eliminating weed problems is an essential step before field preparation. (See our method: Hot water thermal weed control)

Before adding soil, it’s important to check:

  • good surface drainage;
  • also, it’s important to have an uncompacted soil without lightening the soil before adding top soil;
  • in addition to removing rocks or other debris.

Avoid burying construction debris. Otherwise, it could cause problems later.

Working the soil in depth is essential. Soil preparation should be made when the soil is not too wet as the tillage will destroy the soil structure, and create problems with air and water retention and drainage capacity.

Modify poor soils by adding organic matter. The addition of oxygenated compost tea (ÉCO-THÉ) will increase the effectiveness of the sod establishment. Our ECO-TEA solution contains micro-organisms that work together with plant roots to absorb nutrients into the soil. There are additional benefits from the use of organic matter as part of the soil strengthening program. It’s best to incorporate these materials into the existing soil, rather than to superimpose on the surface. One but is to have six inches or more of well-prepared soils.

In Conclusion


So, avoid taking shortcuts in soil preparation. Therefore, take the time to do the proper work before seeding or sodding. Add the nutrients and soil amendments needed to complete subsoil levelling. Because if not very quickly you meet a variety of problems. This will cost you a fortune in correction and even though you may have to start over to fix the issues.

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Avec Hortiplan la préparation du sol est le succès vers une pelouse réussit