Laying Hydraulic seeding

Laying Hydraulic seeding

Hortiplan we offer hydroseeding, an ecological process in which seed, water, fertilizer, mulch (cellulose) and glue are mixed and applied under pressure to the prepared soil, with soil improver, conditioner or corrector added as required. In a single application, the soil is sown, fertilized and covered with mulch to enable efficient rooting and rapid germination of the seeds on the soil.

To be able to give you a price, there are several factors to take into account:

  • Surface area in p2 of land to be sown.
  • Soil type and quality of preparation.
  • Sunny or shady environment.
  •  Quality and type of seed chosen.
  • Use of the prepared surface. Whether or not to use an amendment or fertilizer.

Prices start at $895 for surfaces up to a maximum of 4000p2.

Hydroseeding can grow on any type of surface in its cellulose in the short term. But the success of long-term hydroseeding depends largely on the method of soil preparation and soil quality.

Additional information on components

  • Cellulose (mulch) keeps the seeds firmly in contact with the soil, capturing and redistributing moisture to enable germination and limit erosion while the seeds are settling.
  • Choice of seeds: we will work with you to select the seeds that are best suited to the factors encountered on your land, unlike standard mixes that do not always meet your requirements.
  • Addition of soil improver and fertilizer. The choice of an amendment or fertilizer will improve soil structure and fertility to give seeds ideal conditions for development.
  • Ecological glue is added to this mixture to ensure that the mulch and seeds are better attached to the soil.

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