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The secret for successful seeding is not just to add a seed mixture to the field and some water.  This is much more complex. Successful seeding depends on several factors such as soil preparation – choice of seeds – seeding period – method and equipment – watering – maintenance – mowing – fertilization, etc. So success depends on many factors.

In many situations, it is often the case that the customer has already done the soil preparation. In most cases, the field is full of problems, and the customer does not want to start again. We will, therefore, recommend amending and correct the soil structure. We will suggest adding soil amendments at very affordable costs. This will bring success by filling or repairing soil deficiencies. This is why soil analysis must be done before any type of seeding work. This will greatly improve the success of the project.

So the diagnosis of the soil is at the base, the key to success for the secret of seeding succeeds.

A successful seeding is also a lawn that has biodiversity by its choice of grass. Successful seeding will also require less fertilizer, and will be a lawn that will be more resistant to insects, weeds and diseases.

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