Ecological lawn care maintenance


Our lawn Doctor is certified in ecological lawn care maintenance and landscaping in Quebec and Ontario.

The DOC will take the time it takes to properly evaluate your problems in order to

diagnose, evaluate, correct and improve all types of horticultural problems in an ecological way with products, techniques, methods, in order to have a long-term result.

The DOC is taking care of our new Zero Pesticide / 100% Natural Hot Water Weed Control Service to control weeds.

Concerned with the environment, we only use green products for landscaping and maintenance of green spaces.

Metamorphosis of your lawn made in the spring

Travaux du printemps pour rajeunir et donner une espérence de vie

Deep aeration will allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

The slit seeding (overseeding) allows keeping a lawn dense and healthy and stronger.

Grass biodiversity will prevent pests from invading the lawn and being more resistant to damage.

The topdressing with compost works simultaneously on the aspects of fertility and the improvement of the soil structure. All without weeds.

Annual Lawn Care Service Programs with our (ECO-THÉ) oxygenated compost tea. We feed the soil, roots and foliage.

An ecological maintenance  … it’s possible  !
Preserving our environment with pesticide-free solutions
For a Lawn « Respectful of the environment, it is HORTIPLAN. »