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Sowing grass – lawn Slit Seeding – OverSeeding


Hortiplan sow the grass – lawn the way you like itSlit-Seeding / OverSeeding to improve the density and health of your lawn. Thanks to our Slit-Seeder, we sow grass seed below your existing lawn with knife blades that create slits in your lawn, allowing grass seed to fall below the soil surface, for a better germination rate.
With our specialized seeds, we’ll make your denser lawn and fill in the gaps tofight against weeds. Mixing several species of grass means spreading the risk and adapting the lawn to the various requirements.


  • A denser lawn.

  • A vigorous, deep root system quickly fills in the gaps thanks to the growth of new grass shoots.

  • Improves lawn resistance to combat insects and disease

  • The grass will grow in both sun and shade, thanks to the choice of grasses.

  • The result is a lush, green lawn that’s easy to maintain.

If your lawn is dense and healthy, weeds will be crowded out and have a harder time taking root.

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