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Compost, the secret of the soil


Compost provides food for the soil, while fertilizer acts as a supplement. Soil-activating compost for gardens and lawns.

Compost is one of the main sources of food for the soil.

Compost acts as a food source for the soil, while fertilizer acts as a supplement. Before adding supplements, it’s more important to feed the soil and then add the necessary supplements that the soil is lacking.
Compost helps improve soil structure. It improves water and nutrient retention in sandy soils, making them more absorbent, and facilitates drainage and aeration in clay soils.

At Hortiplan Hortiplannwe’re ahead of the game and use compost in everything we do.
For soil preparation, we amend lawn soil with compost. During thehydroseeding, we use compost tea oxygenated with soil activator and Solu-Lime. The combination of compost with oxygenated compost te gives us incredible results : faster growth, better density, healthier, richer soil, etc.
Lorsque nous faisons un rajeunissement au niveau du gazon, nous faisons un réensemencement avec la méthode Slit Seeding / overseeding, avec un terreautage au compost et ajout de thé de compost oxygéné. Tout un changement pour le gazon.

So if you want change and results, compost is the way to go.
We guarantee a guaranteed result or your money back!

At Hortiplan we specialize in the installation of quality compost. We have 3 application processes:

preparation of oxygenated compost tea. dry granulated compost with MYCORHIZES Specialized shrimp marine compost for topdressing

  • Liquid application with our compost tea.
  • By a fertilizer spreader with our dry granulated compost with MYCORHIZES.
  • Potting soil application with our specialized spreader TERREAUTAGE.

Compost for topdressing improves turfgrass drought tolerance by over 50% by increasing the soil’s water-holding capacity.


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