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Rain Bird 1804 Fixed Pop-up Sprinkler


Rainbird pop-up sprinkler with retractable nozzles for 1800 series sprinkler systems adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees (4″ Pop-up Spray Head)

Rain Bird’s 1800 Series retractable nozzles for sprinklers and irrigation systems are probably the most widely used fixed-jet sprinklers in the world. The 1800 Series is perfect for covering and watering lawns, greens and plantings of all kinds within a radius of 5′ to 15′. The high quality and reputation of the Rain Bird brand is often the reason why contractors and homeowners opt for these products.

Design and choice of materials are at the heart of the success of Rain Bird’s 1800 Series irrigation sprayers. Its durability and efficiency mean it can be installed on both residential and commercial sites. The efficiency of its stainless steel spring ensures that the sprinkler is always in the closed position and cannot be damaged during lawn maintenance.

Rain Bird’s universal male screw-on nozzle adapter is compatible with all major manufacturers of fixed-jet spray nozzles. Each nozzle is fitted with a filter that removes impurities from the water, preventing the nozzle from clogging. There are a phenomenal number of different nozzles to suit the right angle, distance and water flow.


  • Powerful stainless steel return spring.
  • Watering distance from 0.6 m to 5.5 m radius (2 to 18 feet).
  • Wide choice of nozzles available (sector, spray angle and distance).
  • Flow and distance adjustment screw.
  • Plastic resistant to UV rays.
  • Works efficiently at low pressure.
  • Model without nozzle. A nozzle of your choice is required (sold separately).
Weight 018 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm


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